Healthy snack options

Fruit salad, smoothie, or a handful of berries.

In the morning, it is best to make a snack from fruits, they contain sugar, from which you will have time to spend energy during the day. In the evening, fruits eaten can cause bloating, fermentation and gas formation processes.
A serving of fresh fruits or seasonal berries will not only replenish your vitamin stores, but also improve your metabolism.

Cookies with coconut yogurt

If in the midst of a busy day you have a question about what to eat at work, we recommend that you pay attention to pp-cookies with vegetable milk, yogurt or matches. Natural YARO oatmeal cookies do not contain sugar, gluten and animal products, and therefore are ideal for a snack without harming your figure. In our online store you can buy Italian Biscotti biscuits, a pp alternative to traditional choco drops, Classic oatmeal cookies with nuts, Baklava, a healthy alternative to Crumbl cake, as well as drinks and yoghurts based on plant milk.

Nuts in glaze

Nuts have always been at the top of the list of healthy snacks, but we want to take this opportunity to tell you about our latest additions. Hazelnuts in carob, Almonds in salted chocolate, Hazelnuts caramel & coffee completely turn the idea of traditional nuts in glaze and once again prove that healthy can be delicious.

Sandwich for proper nutrition

A sandwich with filling is the most convenient snack on the road. In order for such a snack to bring a long-term feeling of fullness, its filling must necessarily contain foods rich in protein. It is convenient to take such a snack with you for a walk, give your children to school or eat during your lunch break.

Fresh rolls

The great advantage of this snack is that it can be prepared in a few minutes from what you have at home. Different types of greens, vegetables, falafel, mushrooms, corn or even legumes - there can be many combinations for the filling. Crispy pita bread is delicious, but if it is made from vegetables and not flour, it is also very healthy. It is this technology that our chefs use to prepare fresh rolls. In order for such a dish not only to satisfy the appetite, but also to give a feeling of healthy satiety, protein-rich components are added to the filling: hummus, tofu, vegan sausages, soy paste, nuts, etc.